Centre d'art Verriere

The rehabilitation and extension of the Meisenthal glass manufacturing site, includes:

– Centre international d’Art Verrier (the international Centre for Glass Art)
– two performance halls of 500 and 3,000 seats in the former hall
– a glass museum and a reception.

The glass manufacturing site federates multiple energies and enhances the region’s image. The site’s associations created a new dynamism for the region, and answer in their own way to the economic crisis. The team built architectures capable of welcoming multiple dynamics and exchanges. The project is composed by different architectural tools that are added to existing buildings. This diffusion of programmatic elements reinterprets the central, original function of the glass manufacturing site by deliberately showing all new interventions.

The café, the shop and the reception are considered as elements to diffuse and integrate in the scale of the commune and participate in its animation.

Centre d’Art Verriere

Refurbishment and extension of the Meisenthal glass manufacturing site

CodeMEVProgramCulture, productionDimension6.240 sqmPlaceMeisenthal, FranceYear2014Design teamLIN Architects + PlaC, Bollinger & Grohmann, Altia, Aprés la pluie Paysagiste, ICA IngegnierieStatusInvited competition

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