Ex Chiesa San Giuseppe

The construction of the cultural center on the site of the former St. Giuseppe Church begins with the interpretation of history and the intricate interplay with the Urbis of Amatrice. The cultural and historical background has inspired the project, aiming to encourage citizens to rediscover a space for community gatherings.

The original facade is reconstructed using molded prefabricated concrete panels to faithfully reinterpret the original baroque elements, characterizing the building with a contemporary and technologically innovative language. The structural approach is based on a regular grid in both plan and elevation, enabling a ductile behavior and a high degree of flexibility.

At its core, the building interacts with natural light and shadows, undergoing constant changes throughout the day and the seasons. The vertical distribution is exposed towards the street, strengthening the dialogue between historical memory and contemporary intervention, while creating a visual link between the building's interior and the nearest urban context.

Ex Chiesa San Giuseppe

New cultural center in Amatrice

CodeASGProgramCulturalDimension810 sqmPlaceAmatriceYear2023DesignPlaCDesign teamAndrea Alessio, Ilaria Ariolfo, Davide Barreri, Marco Gherardi, Marta Grignani, Michele SimonettiConsultantsMEDIAPOLIS Engineering Srl (structure)StatusCompetition

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