Rimini Social Housing

A call for a competition of a semi-public area asks for a new urban development in Rimini’s stadium area. The masterplan should include a park, residential and social housing, commercial and directional buildings.

On the western wing of the site, a never finished police station is considered for a partial reuse instead of demolishing it. Its podium wants to be used as a platform for playgrounds the underground floor used as parking area.

Our solution brings new road connections on North/south axis and aims to bring higher density on both sides of the park providing better pedestrian and domestic spaces to the inside. A density link to the context is given using a local housing typology: the 2 or 3-family house reproposed in a block form. Two size of linear blocks are the main typology in the masterplan.

The various functions are placed according to the capacity of the buildings but the main goal is to warrant flexibility for each structure which must be able to host any function. This schema is just one of the possible solution; but we don't believe in a pre-fixed function. To be able to satisfy any functional need our building are made in a very simple way opting for enough offset space facing to the outside which could be balconies or loggias.

Rimini Social Housing

Competition for urban regeneration

CodeRSHProgramSocial HousingDimension2000 sqmPlaceRiminiYear2022ClientA.C.E.R. RiminiStatusHonorable mentionBudget5.821.275 €

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