Il Galateo Solidale

The building, a former sanatorium,  a landmark for the city of Lecce and within its close urban context, will become a new multifunctional center with co-housign, sport facilities, library, cinema, restaurant and common gardens. Its original character, modified over time, still maintains the strong image linked to its typology and time of construction.

The renovation is primarily functional, cleaning the building from past additions while giving contemporary and mutable usages.A new approach to temporality overlaps on the multifunctional activation of spaces, achieving a continuous improvement over time.

The building includes public and common facilities that allows people living in and outside to interact on different levels.A public inner promenade connects the urban entrance to the park while a constellation of common areas activate the building.

The apartment units have been studied to achieve the maximum reduction of hallways while exploiting natural light and ventilation.All units are based on a shifted grid according to the existing structure and facade. Starting from this grid we defined different typologies for different users and timeframes.


Refurbishment of a former sanatorium in Lecce

CodeLEGProgramSocial housingDimension12.000 sqmPlaceLecce, ItalyYear2020Design teamPlaC + MediapolisStatusCompetition

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