Luca Faloni Zurich

This store is part of a wider re-thinking of Luca Faloni’s boutiques worldwide. Alongside this store, our office worked on other openings such as Stockholm, Miami, Munich, London and Milan. All of the stores are equipped with the same display system customized according to the client’s needs. Each store is characterized by finishes, colors and details inspired by their locations while maintaining some signature features that make these spaces a natural extension of the brand’s identity.

In keeping with the design concept of using locally inspired materials, this boutique incorporates elements that pay homage to Zurich's natural and architectural beauty. The columns are clad in green onyx, reflecting the serene hues of Lake Zurich. The walls are cladded with panels of concrete and wood, drawing inspiration from the city's iconic architecture and creating a harmonious and welcoming atmosphere.

The new Luca Faloni boutique in Zurich is a two-story retail space featuring a unique interior design that seamlessly blends elegance with local inspiration. A newly designed spiral staircase, crafted from resin-coated metal carpentry, serves as a central architectural highlight, providing a modern and stylish connection between the two levels.

One of the boutique's most innovative features is the cash register counter, which includes a concealed pivot system. This clever design allows the counter to rotate and clear the space for the elevator when needed, ensuring both functionality and a sleek, uncluttered aesthetic.

Overall, the design of the new Luca Faloni boutique in Zurich is a testament to refined craftsmanship and thoughtful integration of local elements, offering a luxurious shopping experience that is both unique and deeply connected to its surroundings.

Luca Faloni Zurich

Concept and design of an italian fashion store

CodeLFZProgramRetailDimension160 sqmPlaceZurich, SwitzerlandYear2024DesignPlaCDesign teamDavide Barreri, Andrea Alessio, Chiara Bertetti, Michele SimonettiBuilderChod & Co. KlG (general contractor), Brugnotto srl (bespoke furnitures), Traiano Luce 73 (lights)ClientPrivateStatusRealizedPhotosLorenzo Zandri

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