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Como 4 Como's identity demanded a space that spoke of creativity, and forward-thinking. To this end, the design approach seamlessly integrated modern elements into the existing framework. Standardized and modular elements, such as auger packaging plastic boxes, served as the building blocks of this transformation. These modules were strategically deployed as shelving units, and plant pots, elevating the original item use.

One of the most remarkable aspects of this project is its commitment to a low-tech imprint. In an era where technology often overshadows tradition, Como 4 Como chose a path less traveled.

Flexibility was paramount. In the spirit of adaptability, the office space transcends the conventional notions of a workplace. Walls that once divided are now movable canvases, encouraging spontaneous collaboration. Open spaces flow freely, allowing teams to configure their environment as needed.

Using simple and cost effective materials to dress the space, such as celenit panels for boiserie, multilayer panels covered in aluminium for the fixtures or polycarbonate as space divider.


Shared business space

CodeC4CProgramOfficeDimension400 sqmPlaceComoYear2023DesignPlaCDesign teamDavide Barreri, Chiara Bertetti, Michele SimonettiBuilderDiodato Pasquale (construction work), Alchimia (bespoke furnitures)StatusRealisedPhotosLuis Aniceto

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