Galleria Como

Nestled amidst the enchanting surroundings of Piazza Duomo in Como, lays the store know as VITRUM. Designed originally by Giuseppe Terragni, today only its facade remains unaltered. As visitors step through the timeless portal, they are transported inside a project that is a playful blend of history and innovation. It embodies the spirit of reuse while embracing contemporary architectural elements and modern technology.

One of the defining features of the store is the sculptural marble staircase that ascends from the ground floor to the upper level. The staircase not only serves as a functional element but was also thought of as a focusing point of the space, offering itself as a sculpture once entered the store.

An integral part of the store's design philosophy is to provide visitors with a captivating and immersive experience. The creation of an "Experience Room" exemplifies this commitment. This space invites customers to engage with products and contents on a deeper level.

The timeless allure of marble continues to make a statement within the store with the incorporation of marble portals.

The mirror room within the store creates a visual spectacle. Lined with mirrors on multiple surfaces, it offers a surreal and captivating experience to customers, enhancing their interaction with the merchandise.

The store's flooring makes a bold statement with "almond Steel," a unique and eye-catching pavement material that combines the strength of steel with the tactile feel of the texture. This innovative flooring choice not only adds a touch of technological allure complementing the overall design aesthetic.

Galleria Como

Concept store and exhibition space

CodeCCCProgramRetailDimension110 sqmPlaceComoYear2023DesignPlaCDesign teamDavide Barreri, Chiara Bertetti, Michele SimonettiBuilderDiodato Pasquale (construction work), Brugnotto Group (flooring, stair, furnitures)StatusRealisedPhotosLuis Aniceto

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