Piazza Manno in Oristano

The redefinition of Piazza Manno is a final intervention for the regeneration process in the city of Oristano. The square is a crucial area as archeological site, former spot of the ancient gate tower and a renovated entrance to the city center.Our approach want to fit in this process and renew the identity of a multifunctional public space.

The new square integrates different layers of mobility, a patterned permeable paving that redefines the physical and formal aspect, present and new vegetation that mitigate the higher temperatures in the warmer seasons, movable urban furnitures allowing different functional scenarios.

The archeological rest will be revealed while the presence of the former gate will be emphasised with a new stone structure as support for the historical narrative.

The new square will continue to be the starting spot for the historical representation of the Sartiglia. Therefor the project strengthen the central path by repositioning actual and new trees along this axis. Smaller trees and benches will be movable along the diagonal paths and could be used to block the access to traffic during public events.

Piazza Manno

A shared public space in Oristano

CodeOPMProgramPublic spaceDimension3.500 sqmPlaceOristanoYear2020Design teamPlaC + Mediapolis Engineering S.r.l.+ Danila Artizzu (archeology) + Carlo Poddi (Agronomy)StatusCompetition

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