Ex Campo Enel

The urban project of the former Enel field in the city of Chivasso leads to the redefinition of a portion of the urban structure of the city, intended as a recovery of its functional diversification, its legibility and the enhancement of its use.

Along the new promenade, the project defines a sequence of green dunes have a strong landscape value, as they shield the view of the vehicles located to the east and are characterized by a curvilinear trend, with concave and convex curves, which emphasize sitting areas with benches and trees.

The first action intends to re-connect the existing walking and bicycle path, defining the site with a new identity as a multifunctional promenade

The Ex Campo Enel is a strategic area for the city of Chivasso. The high density of attractors defines the project and strengthens biunivocally the connections

The double identity of the site is represented by the connection of the vegetation belt with a playground and a new multifunctional square.

A multifunctional promenade changes its characteristics according to the surrounding areas (local square, walking and bicycle path, green path, kids playground, parking space)

All surfaces covering the new square are completely permeable allowing stormwater to infiltrate through the pavement.Retaining walls have been made out of weathering steel plates and white concrete blocks working as benches.

Ex-campo Enel

Multifunctional public space in Chivasso

CodeCCEProgramPublic spaceDimension6.500 sqmPlaceChivassso (TO)Year2018 (Competition), 2019 (Detail Design and construction)Design teamPlaC + Arch. Lucio FurnoClientCity of ChivassoStatusRealisedPhotosLuís Aniceto

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