Luca Faloni Munich

This store is part of a wider re-thinking of Luca Faloni’s boutiques worldwide. Alongside this store our office is also working on other openings such as Stockholm, Miami, London and Milan. All of the stores will be equipped with the same display system customized according to the client’s needs. Each store will be characterized in finishes, colors and details based on their location.

The store project, located in the historical part of the city, draws inspiration from the copper roofs of the main buildings in the surrounding area.While the Rathaus-Glockenspiel, the clock on the facade of the Town Hall building in Marienplatz, served us as inspiration to locate two mannequins framed by arches on the mezzanine floor where the storage space is also located.

The floor is realized with squared wood tiles and the ceiling is characterized by an oval shaped Artemide suspended light surrounding the two existing cast iron columns.

Each panel in the boiserie underwent a manual oxidation process, framing the space's walls with distinctively unique surfaces. This process also mirrors the craftsmanship value of the brand.

Custom-made furniture has been designed to inhabit the existing space, enveloping wrought-iron columns with high-quality materials such as Carrara marble and Canaletto walnut.

The dressing rooms have been conceived as a lounge area designed to enhance and elevate the customer's experience. Special attention has been given to the selection of materials and lighting in this intimate section of the store.

Luca Faloni Munich

Concept and design of an italian fashion store

CodeLFMoProgramRetailDimension140 sqmPlaceMunichYear2022ClientLuca Faloni GmbHStatusRealisedPhotosLorenzo Zandri

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